Basketball 3v3 Player Development

Teams consist of approximately 6-8 players that are a mix of athletes and volunteers. Two athletes and one volunteer play at a time in a half-court setting. Each team is age and skill matched to the extent possible. This level is intended to be a bridge between the Individual Skills level and Traditional 3v3 or 5v5 levels of independent competitive play. Season typically runs January thru March.


Gigi Sheltraw –

Training Times & Locations:

Thursdays, 6:30pm – 8:00pm, Pointers Run Elementary School

Practice Overview:

Warm up of calisthenics and run drills to prepare for practice.
Drills for shooting/passing and other skills.


  • Athletes must be assessed for this level of play.
  • Athletes must commit to attending at least 80% of practices.
  • Participation in required qualifiers and state competition is mandatory.


  • Must provide the appropriate shoes for basketball (i.e., tennis shoes).
  • Athletes must wear a band for glasses or sports goggles during practice/competitions.
  • Athletes must provide a covering (wrist band) for any medical bracelets or other items required to be worn at all times.


  • SOHO will provide shorts and jersey for competition.


  • Qualifiers are typically held in Howard County.
  • State Games typically held in Frederick, MD.

Volunteer Roles:

  • Volunteers are part of team roster. 
  • Volunteers cannot score or play defense, but they do ball handle and pass. 
  • Volunteers also facilitate the athletes’ success during the games by providing verbal instructions and non-verbal cues to the athletes as they play. 
  • A commitment to regular attendance at practices and all competitions is required. 
  • Only basic dribbling and passing skills are required.