Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US combining elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis.  Athletes play on a court smaller than that of a tennis court and can be played either in singles or doubles.  The game is played by hitting a perforated polymer “wiffleball” with a composite paddle over a net.


Maria Docal – mdocal@aol.com
Nancy Hartka – nhartka6@gmail.com

Training Times & Locations:

Dill Dinkers, 9179 Red Branch Road, Columbia, MD,  Sundays, 1:00-4:00pm

Practice Overview:

Practice will begin with dynamic exercise warmups, then paddle & ball drills, along with stroke development and position on the court. Athletes will learn how to compete at every level (based on skill level) and work in a team format.


  • Athletes of all ability and skill levels are welcome.
  • Beginner athletes will be provided instruction on basic skill development.
  • Advanced athletes will continue to work on those skills in preparation for competition.


  • Court shoes (tennis) are required for all athletes on the courts for the safety of the athletes and to protect the court surface.
  • Pickleball paddles will be available to borrow or athletes can bring their own.
  • Parents/caregiver must provide water for their atheltes.


  • Appropriate clothing and shoes must be worn for practices.
  • Uniforms provided for competition.


  • Planning for competition for the 2023 season is in progress.

Volunteer Roles:

  • Provide help at tournaments, guide athletes to assigned court, form and maintain lines, transition to next activity, model tennis, participate in game play.
  • Volunteers may act as unified partners to pair up with an athlete for practice and/or competitions. Volunteers will need to compete at the athlete’s level.
  • Coaches are needed to provide instruction and evaluate athlete skills, plan drills to improve skills and prepare athletes for competitions.