The Special Olympics COVID Protocol Taskforce determined that it was appropriate to extend the current protocol provided that there are no significant changes which would require more restrictive protocol.

Until Further Notice…

  • … there will be no sport-specific vaccination requirements for sports and activities.
  • … there will be no requirement for full vaccination for overnight housing provided by SOMD, including the local program.
  • … a negative COVID test is not required to return to activities after a positive COVID test.  Individuals must follow CDC recommendations for isolation and masking found here:

Some notes about these changes:

  1. As noted, these changes will remain in effect unless there are significant changes in the COVID-19 landscape that would require more restrictive protocol
  2. We will continue to follow state/local/venue restrictions for all COVID-19 Protocol, so if there is a venue (for local or state activities) that requires proof of full vaccination for participants and/or spectators, we will follow their protocol.
  3. As a reminder, local programs cannot require vaccinations in sports and activities in which SOMD does not require full vaccination for participation.
  4. Protocol changes will also be communicated in pre-season webinars to coaches and sport volunteers.
  5. As always, COVID-19 protocol is subject to change based on the current COVID-19 situation.  Should we need to make further changes to protocol, those will be communicated directly.

We recognize that there are a variety of viewpoints around our protocol change, I want to reinforce how important it is that our Athletes, Unified Teammates, Coaches, Volunteers, and Families continue to make in the best interest of their own comfort and well-being.  We continue to encourage individuals to talk with their healthcare providers about receiving COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.