Volleyball Traditional Team

Coordinator: Russ Young (russtace@comcast.net)

Training Season: September 6th – November 8th, 2017
Training Location: Mt. Hebron High School, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Sport Basics:  The volleyball program has two primary aims: 1) to advance the playing skills and techniques of athletes who have already acquired and demonstrated the basic skills needed to play volleyball; and, 2) to help athletes new to the sport develop and improve the basic skills needed to play volleyball.

Competitions:   Athletes will participate in a regional tournament with teams from Special Olympics Pennsylvania at the Maryland Juniors Sports Center on September 30th. An end-of-season competition is anticipated, with full details to be announced later.

Athletes:  The minimum age for participation in volleyball is 16.  Since volleyball is a team sport, athletes must commit to regular attendance at practices and competitions.



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