Volleyball Traditional Team

Coordinator: Russ Young (russtace@comcast.net)

Training Season: September 7 – November 9, 2016
Training Location: Mt. Hebron High School, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Sport Basics:  The volleyball program has two primary aims: 1) to advance the playing skills and techniques of athletes who have already acquired and demonstrated the basic skills needed to play volleyball; and, 2) to help athletes new to the sport develop and improve the basic skills needed to play volleyball.

Competitions:   Athletes will participate in a regional tournament with teams from Special Olympics Pennsylvania at the Maryland Juniors Sports Center on October 22.  Our teams will also compete at the Fall Festival sponsored by Special Olympics Delaware on November 11-12.

Athletes:   Since volleyball is a team sport, athletes must commit to regular attendance at practices and competitions.



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