Fall Sports Registration is Now Open

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Uncategorized

Yes, we are BACK! Special Olympics is now operating in PHASE 3! The bottom line on what this means is we are planning for a normal sports season this fall with no restrictions (except any based on local restrictions or registration caps we may impose due to training sites, coaches, etc.) It also means:


  • Pre-screening (temp and questions) are no longer required.
  • Physical distancing is encouraged outside of the sport, but not required during sport.
  • Communicable Diseases Waiver is still required for all athletes, volunteers, and coaches.
  • Vaccinated individuals can make their own decisions on wearing a mask
  • Vaccines are not a requirement for participation and we cannot ask or track who is vaccinated. It’s up to the individual to follow Maryland regulations for wearing a mask when not fully vaccinated.
  • Anyone is not feeling well should stay home.
  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID must stay home.
  • Contact sports like Flag Football and Soccer are back with no restrictions.


SOMD is planning end of season competitions as usual, Golf at Queenstown, Fallfest at Mt. Saint Mary’s, and soccer in Salisbury. No decision is made so far on out of state competitions.


While this is exciting, we understand that our participants may have varying degrees of comfort with the loosening of restrictions. Some may continue to wear masks and some may prefer to avoid direct contact, but we will work to ensure that individuals can make their own decisions of health and safety without concern of judgement or questioning.


Registration is now open for all fall sports: flag football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, distance running, powerlifting, cycling.and bowling. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.